Horrific Woman Kills A Class 8th Boy For Having A Crush On Her Daughter

In a country where women are known for killing their daughters at birth (50 million missing), this case is just one step further to depict the rise in cases of violence by women. I hope our WCD minister, Ms.#allviolenceismalegenerated checks it. But oops! For her, it might be something like this crime was necessary because if survived, that little male child would have raped the girl, etc.


This Hindi school teacher Nazia Hussian allegedly killed an 8th Class boy Vinay Mahto because her own 16-year-old son suspected the boy of having a crush on her daughter. I guess the child victim must be either 12 or 13-year-old judging by the grade level.

According to a police official,

“The teacher and her family were upset about Vinay’s friendship with her 11-year-old daughter. The teacher’s son, a class 11 student of the same school, invited Vinay for a dinner with his sister and managed to lure him to his house on Thursday night. He told him that his mother would cook something special for them”.

And well, if you wish to know the reason it happened, the reason is clearly the burden of the chastity of a woman on her male caretakers. Her 16-year-old brother who was a class 11th student of the same school was being ridiculed by his male friends of an alleged affair with the boy and his sister. These aren’t my words. Ranchi SSP Kuldeep Dwivedi said as follows:

“Sharif was continuously teased by his friends about the alleged affair his sister was having with Vinay. It led him to develop a strong hatred for Vinay. The entire family was pained with the relationship”.

After explaining this, let’s see what all we get in comments. I expect the following arguments for sure:

  1. It was a rare case.
  2. All violence is actually male generated. The mother might have killed, but the real culprit was her son.
  3. See, her husband is arrested as well. No one points at that.
  4. Good! A future rapist killed in advance, etc.


  1. Jane says

    You can mock the woman’s choice all you like, but the boy could have done something horrible. Boys are known for having urges that are often times uncontrollable. I don’t condone murder, but that little girl will be safe now. And that woman had serious mental issues. She thought that she was doing something to ensure the safety of her child (which she absolutely was, just in a slightly extreme way).

  2. says

    Let’s start sending college girls to front line infantry so they can get shot and blown up. At least they would be productive protecting the freedom they abuse for a change instead of being a constant drain of time and resources

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