Idaho Statesman Endorses Hillary Clinton

The Idaho Statesman on Thursday officially endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president.


“We recognize a lot of you are not going to like our choice of a Democrat in this Republican state — where Sen. Ted Cruz won the GOP primary in a landslide and where Sen. Bernie Sanders soundly defeated Clinton in the Democratic caucus,” wrote in the newspaper editorial.

The Statesman also wrote that the editorial board’s vote was “nearly unanimous” in its decision to endorse Clinton for the president.
“Our seven-member editorial board’s vote for Clinton was nearly unanimous, and we decided this before the audio and video surfaced of Trump’s lewd 2005 conversation about women. A few expressed low to medium enthusiasm for Clinton and one simply would not endorse her. But the board was unanimous on one count: None could endorse Trump.


The Editorial board further mentioned that Clinton was superior on major policy questions including education, healthcare, immigration, gun control and rural issues that are important for the state.

The editorial board went on to outline a set of “essential qualifications” that make Clinton the right choice for the presidency.

“Whereas Trump’s style is to fire rounds of divisive sound bites on a given day to gain attention, Clinton has a track record of sitting down and explaining complex issues. She offers a much deeper frame of reference after serving as the first lady, as an effective U.S. senator and as secretary of state,” the editorial wrote.

The Statesman also appreciated Hillary Clinton on her positive vision for America, her public sector experience and her ability to compromise.

“We live in the real world, with real problems that need real solutions. We need someone with pragmatic approaches that include patience and compassion. We need Hillary Clinton to be the next president,” the newspaper concluded.


The Statesman did not endorse anybody in 2012. It endorsed Barack Obama in 2008.

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