India’s Youngest Single Father To Tie Knot With Over 10,000 Homeless People As Wedding Guests

Aditya Tiwari  who came into limelight last year when he decided to adopt a child with special disabilities at an age of 28  is again in the news for taking humanity to another level. He is set to get married but in-not-so-typical-Indian-way.


He decided to adopt Binney who suffers from down syndrome especially when the Indian law doesn’t allow a person who is below the age of 30 and is a bachelor to adopt a child. His long battle against the Indian law proved worthwhile when the age was lowered down to 25 and he with all legal procedure become India’s youngest father to adopt a child.


Almost after seven months of adopting Binney (Avneesh) he has decided to tie the knot with an Indore girl but rather choosing to put forth a lavish function for the relatives and friends, he chose to invite 10,000 homeless people as the guest to bless him on the special occasion.


According to a report in Hindustan Times, the marriage ceremony will hold a feast for over “10,000 homeless people and children from orphanages, more than 1,000 stray and zoo animals.”


And, yes that’s not enough. He has also decided to provide each guest with medicines, books as return gifts to all the homeless people. He’ll be planting 100 plant sapling also on the same day.


Aditya has adopted Binney, who suffers from down syndrome and has a hole in his heart last year and to support more children with down syndrome, he has also decided to launch a support group for people suffering from same. Her soon-to-be wife has totally accepted his decision and is proud to be her wife.


“People tend to spend lakhs of rupees on their marriage by hiring disk jockeys, on decorations and lavish menu but I do not want to do the sameAs it is one of the happiest days of my life, I want to include people who never get any invitations like children from the orphanage, homeless and poor people,” Hindustan Times quotes him as saying.



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