Baby survives after being stabbed by mother 90 times with scissors

Xiao Bao, an eight month old baby was stabbed by his own mother, because he bit her while she was breastfeeding him. When one of his uncles, returned home found the baby in a pool of blood. The little one lives in China, in Xuzhao, Jiangsu province. He lives with this mother and two uncles. Their profession involves recycling of rubbish, which is the source of their livelihood. When the baby had bit the mother while she fed him, the mother used scissors to stab him 90 times. The poor soul needed 100 stitches when he was rushed to hospital. The baby is recovering in the hospital.

When one of the uncles found the injured baby in the back yard of the home, he immediately rushed to the hospital. The neighbors pleaded the authorities to take away the baby from the mother. However, the authorities found no reason, surprisingly. As per the authorities, the mother never suffered from any mental illness, and this is not an act because of mental depression or ailments. Apparently, they said the baby has 2 more guardians, his uncles. Citing these reasons, they did not remove the baby of its mother.

In China, even in this modern era, it is still not easy to discuss about the topic of mental illness. It is also a pity that no medication for the ailment is given. Also, there is no psychiatric treatment offered to the patient. In the year 2009, Lance, the British Medical Journal, has published a report after an analysis done in 4 Chinese provinces. The report throws light on the fact that 173 million of adults in China suffer from the mental ailments. And, 91 percentage of them never get any help from doctors or psychiatrists. This case of the mother stabbing her own infant is again an evidence proving the facts to be true.

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