Japanese Teen Escapes Man Who Kidnapped Her For Two Years

A Japanese man in Tokyo kept a 15-year-old girl as a prisoner for two years. The teenage girl vanished in Japan two years ago on her way home from school.


Kabu Terauchi , 23, abducted the girl in March 2014 while pretending to be a lawyer of her parent’s divorce. A note was left in the family postbox the next day, asking her parents not to look for her. The girl has said in her statement that she was forced to write the note on the captor’s urging.


Ana Saito now aged 15, escaped from suspect Kabu Terauchi’s apartment in Tokyo on Sunday while he was out for shopping and called home from a payphone. Apparently he forgot to lock the doors that gave a chance to Miss Ana to getaway.


Investigators captured Terauchi in the early hours of Monday near a forest west of Tokyo. Police plan to formally arrest him and charge him with kidnapping. It has been reported that he tried to harm himself. Presently he is being treated in hospital for self-inflicted injuries, according to Japanese media reports.


According to the victim, she was kept under close observation and was held captive in two apartments. But she was not tied up or beaten and was taken out occasionally but under a close observation.


The girl’s disappearance two years ago when she was just 13 was major news in Japan at the time.


The girl was seen wearing a sweatshirt and sandals in the cold weather while using a payphone at a train station in downtown Tokyo. Her mother reported the call to the police, who raided Terauchi’s Tokyo apartment early on Monday.


She spent most of the past two years in Terauchi’s apartment near his university in Chiba before moving to Tokyo last month.


The real motive behind her kidnapping can only be recorded after his discharge from hospital


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