Jealous Neighbour Makes A Bomb-Hoax Call, To Stop The Boy From Studying Abroad Because Her Daughter Was Rejected

This could be one of the most bizarre news pieces you have read today. It’s true that jealousy can actually take you to any darn level but what this covetous lady did to show her enmity is incredible.


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A woman based in Jaipur called airport authorities reporting that her neighbor’s son, who was travelling to Australia for further studies was carrying some explosives with him which terrified security agencies on Friday morning. But the whole incident was a hoax and was done out of rage. The woman was allegedly infuriated by the rejection of her daughter’s application at the same university where the boy had got his admission and therefore planned the whole act out of enmity


The incident was reported around 9am, when the airline received a call from a woman, who told the officials that one of the passenger of their flight, Balraj Singh, flying to Sydney, by flight number AI 302, was carrying explosives in his flight. Further actions were taken and police were informed about the incident.


A Bomb Threat Assessment Committee meeting was held and the force was rushed into action, officials revealed.

“The schedule of the identified flight was checked. Investigations revealed that the flight was not scheduled for Friday. List of fliers of another flight, AI 308, scheduled for Melbourne, was checked with the details provided by the woman and Singh was identified. He was intercepted outside the departure hall,” said Dinesh Gupta, DCP IGI.


All the baggage and security check revealed that Singh was travelling on student’s visa and was not carrying anything suspicious. He was declared clean and a conclusion was made that the call was a hoax.


“When the parents of the man, who were at the airport, were shown the number from which the call was made, they identified the number as their neighbour’s, ” the officer said.

A case was registered under various sections of IPC and the woman has been taken into custody for further investigation.




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