Jilted Woman Attacks Man With Acid For Refusing Her Marriage Proposal

Crime has no gender and it is proven right in the recent case where a 36-year-old woman was so shaken by the rejection  that she threw a bottle of acid on a man who refused her marriage advances.



According to police sources, Shamim, resident of Moza Gharyal in Multan district’s Makhdoom Rasheed area, threw acid on 24-year-old Sadaqat after he refused to marry her. Sadaqat has been shifted to Nishtar Hospital Multan for treatment.

A source at the hospital has confirmed that Sadaqat has received 60 per cent burns on his face and chest areas due to which the next 24 hours are crucial for him. He is in a critical state presently.

After the incident took place police officials arrested Shamim who confessed her crime during interrogation by the police.


Some media reports suggest that the two were having an affair for over a year.

“Sadaqat promised me he will marry me and we had planned that I would divorce my husband and leave my children with him, after which Sadaqat would marry me,” Shamim told the police.

“We were arguing since over a month and his constant refusal to marry me infuriated me as a result of which I threw acid on him,” she added.


Meanwhile, the victim’s brother, Sharafat, told The Express Tribune that Sadaqat was betrothed to his cousin and were going to get married during the end of the year.


He completely denied Sadaqat’s relationship with the mother of four and told police that his was innocent brother was and shy. He never had any connection with ladies.


He further added, “The woman is accusing my brother of something he did not do, she was the one who kept approaching Sadaqat to marry her,”

Police officials have registered a case at Makhdoom Rasheed Police station against Shamim, while further investigation is still going on.



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