JU Molestation Case: Accused Agrees To Cooperate With The Probe

The Jadavpur university came into limelight last Sunday when an undergraduate student of English department wrote a post about her alleged sexual harassment by one of her classmates, Ekalavya Chaudhuri who also happens to be the son of one of the Professors in the same department. Since then, At least 13 more girls have come forward with molestation charges against him.


JU has initiated a probe in the matter and the accused has been suspended.


The students union has also demanded that Chaudhari’s father, who was scheduled to become the Head of the Department from 1 August, to not takeover until the investigation is completed.

Although no formal announcement has been made, The Indian Express reported that the accused’s parent is likely to give up the position.


The Indian Express reported Ekalavya Chaudhuri as saying:

I will not be responding to any trial on social media. This is extremely distressing and uncomfortable for me. I will cooperate with the committee to find the truth of whatever complaints there are against me. I will speak on the issue only after that.



Few Students from the university told Indian express that the professor is trying all his wits to protect his son from all the allegations put against him but the students have all the evidence in the form of screenshots of the lewd messages, which the authorities are looking forward to.



University officials, however, have said that there wasn’t any concrete evidence to prove that the professor had been unfair in any occasion.

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Screenshots of the messages sent by the accused

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Moreover, the girl who came forward about the sexual harassment in the facebook had made an attempt a year ago too by complaining about him to the department head but he was mere ‘scolded’ for the act and was left scot-free.


A five-member Enquiry Committee has been set up that will also contain student representation to further investigate the matter and come out with a report by first week of August.


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