Kyle Tasker, NH Lawmaker, Resigns & Faces 3 Felony Charges

An undercover officer posed a 14 year old girl to trap Kyle Tasker, the law maker of New Hampshire. The Republican representative was not lured to the trap just to put him behind the bars. The law maker was into the process of trying to contact a 14 year old girl for sexual favors in exchange of drugs. When the police was tipped on the same, the investigation soon began, only to find how true it was. Gunnar Foss, Nottingham Police Chief, elaborated, “We had information that he was attempting to contact a 14 year old girl online, and that kicked in the Internet Crimes Against Children Team.” While the monitoring was on, lots of other stuff too came into light. Tasker threw light on possession of significant amount of drugs at his place.

The texts that were written by Tasker include a few which were typed when he was in the committee meetings, and was sent from the state house. Now, Tasker after being arrested on 1st of March this year, is facing felony charges for solicitation of a minor, and drug charges. His house was searched based on his texts to the undercover officer for drugs. It didn’t go in vain, as the team found marijuana, Suboxone, a prescription drug, and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Tasker is nothing new to controversies. He drew attention in 2012 by dropping a gun that was fully loaded in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee meeting. In 2014, his offensive Facebook posts formed base for criticism. He wanted to be a part of Black Caucus because he liked rap music, and in another post he mentioned he wanted to be a part of the white caucus band of state legislators. One of his posts also joked about domestic violence.

Now, after the 3 felony charges, Kyle Tasker has resigned from the House of Representatives of the state. Other New Hampshire lawmakers offered lesser astonishment on the drug charges for he often smelt of pot and alcohol in the meetings. The representatives also answered that it is the voters who had chosen him thrice responsible, and they never elect the representatives themselves.

Shawn Jasper, House Speaker of the Republican party, stated, “we don’t elect them, we try to do the best we can when they get here.” He continued with a note to the voting public, “Know who you are voting for, know their history, what they’ve been saying and doing.”

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