Let’s File A Petition To Lock Men After Dark Instead Of Asking Women To Stay Home

It’s been years that I am scared to go out after dark alone. I am ‘asked’ to stay back to avoid problem. Why can’t we just lock men after 5 evening so we could be safe outside?


We have been living in the realm of patriarchal civilization since epochs and it has strictly outlined and coerced some gender roles. Talk about the ‘forward-thinking’ society we are living in or the society of our ancestors, Women have always been given a secondary place.


Society is changing but it will take years to bridge the gap between men and women because of the preconceived notion that a women is like million other things that men ‘own’ just like a house, property or car.



The ability to cook, clean, bear children, acting as a caretaker or fulfilling all the defined gender role is what defines a women in every age. And as soon as she tries to step herself out from all the prescribed notions she is termed as eccentric and unconventional and disgraced for breaking stereotypes set by the male-controlled society. Woman has always been put up with many restrictions, be it in any first world countries or third world countries. Moreover, man’s idea of being dominant and provider at all the time is taking a toll over the idea of seeing a world where women is set free of all the constraints bounded by Male-dominated society.


One of many the constrictions put on woman is to lock her in the home at wee hours. How much ever a nation gets evolve, the very fact of asking woman to take care of the home or rather remain at her home is not getting changed. A woman today is impugned when she is raped; she is criticized for not being home at that unfavourable moment; She is criticized for wearing short clothes; She is criticized for not following the set of rules of designed years ago without any foundation.


Why do a woman need the consent of the other sex to tell them how to handle their life? What if we actually do the same to the Men? Why don’t we ask them to stay back at home and let us control our own life in our way? When we don’t question their life, why should we let them questions ours.

The sex-based “double standards” of our life is prevailing over the ideas of feminism.


The very idea of being a caretaker all the time and remaning home is the basis of woman life but what all has been defined by some illogical ancestors can be changed or rather needs to be changed. What if we ask man to control their outrage of dominance and remain in equality with woman? What if we not give them the privileges ‘of being born as a male?. Why don’t we just lead an equal life? If you can’t give us equal rights so at least live the life that you want us to live.


Women have been at the harshest receiving end of patriarchy since the beginning of time which has established in various ways including the refutation of basic human rights, violence and terror against the female body. But it comes the right time to backfire all the opposition of women to men.


The men who is considered themselves as stronger species needs to brake the glass that they aren’t not providers or protectors. We all are human, Women and Men who complete each other not disgraced. So rather not allowing women to go out in the evening because she will get raped, why don’t  we just let men lock inside the home so that they DON’T RAPE. Let just try and shift the restrictions put on women onto men to make them feel the un-freedom that they are forcing women to live by. But if its continued a petition must be filed to ask the men to locked up inside r


We should live in a society that needs to be equal, that needs to unfollow the rules set by narrow-minded dynasties of ours.





  1. Dan says

    Men are Protectors. It is how we evolved.

    Not all Men are rapists. Actually a very very very small number of them would ever rape anyone. These are our Sons, Fathers, Brothers, Nephews, Husbands, Friends…how disrespectful of you to assume they are rapists because they are male.

    And you do not want an equal society, locking men up after dark? What utter unrealistic garbage.

    Being male in our society is not a privilege. Being female comes with a lot of privileges

  2. thothmrm says

    This piece is sexist trash. It’s also more proof that feminism is a hate movement. Patriarchy is like the Illuminati, a fantasy of conspiracy theorists and kooks.

  3. says

    So your personal neurosis and fear of being raped means all men need to be punished? Right, OK. I hope one day you can realise why even suggesting this makes you look like some kind of Gender Nazi.

    Seriously, as much as I hate the argumentum ad hitlerum just replace every time you mention ‘men’ or ‘patriarchy’ in this with Jews, Jewish and Jewish Menace. Similarly replace women with Aryan or German at your preference.

  4. Paul says

    Your an idiot!! Women are wired to be emotional paranoid beings. If you take men away you still be scared of the dark. Children and women are biological wired to seek out protection from a man. It’s their muscular energy (alpha male) that makes a woman/child feel safe!

    Just recently they did a survey at NASA where the most important thing for a woman in the workforce was for her to feel safe. Men don’t care about feeling safe hence why we take risks!

  5. says

    Going to call some bullshit out on this… STOP THROWING THE WORD EQUAL AROUND. It would be equal for both men and women to be out at dark. Which how it is currently. There are ways to prevent rape. Rape will never end so trying to end it will never work. Girls have to work on getting tasers and pepper spray and learn how to decrease the chance of getting raped. Like not wearing the shortest most revealing clothe that they have. Hard to escape in those clothe and makes you a target. Also always travel with someone at night. Men already do this, women do not really.

    Also you said “The men who is considered themselves as stronger species needs to brake the glass that they aren’t not providers or protectors.”

    You said species where genders go… being a male does not make it a different species. Shows your backwards way of thinking.

    • says

      Since the comment post got too long here is the second part as well:

      Why don’t you try helping men because right now men need help more. The justice system is highly biased against men. Its guilty until proven innocent with large amounts of evidence. Remember UVA?
      Suicide rates are higher amongst men. Men who are raped by women don’t get help. 1/6th of rape victims are men I think I saw as a statistic. Pay Gap is something you cannot tell due to many factors. Men as seen as an ATM and sexual object. Women are seen as sexual objects. Unfair right? The sexual object thing is nature. Don’t try to change nature.

      Stop having your head up your ass and take a look at reality. Get out of your safe space.

  6. says

    stupid misandric article by some misandrist lowlifer !! probably she needs to be reminded that

    1.) its WOMEN who objectify\commodify men and treat men as money generating plants and force or compel men to go out of the house and slog\toil it out hard like dehumanized machines and gadgets and equipments and tools to fill those women’s lives with wealth and prosperity.

    2.) women in india have been given the legal right to subject males to any form of sexual violence\abuse\predation, and yet continue to wander totally scot free.

    3.) women perpetrators and female culprits\wrongdoers cannot be arrested or even detained after 6 p·m· and before 6 a·m·. thus, it ought to be made mandatory that women would not be allowed anywhere where any other human being is present —————— i.e. they are to stay solitarily in presence of noone else, not even any other WOMAN even.

    4.) most of the false rape accusations and fraud molestation claims occur DURING THE DAYTIME itself IN BROAD DAYLIGHT and IN FULL PUBLIC VIEW even.
    males are hundreds of times unsafer owing to females as compared to how much females happen to be unsafe due to males.

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