Man Jailed For Years On False Rape+Kidnap Charge Released After Married Woman Confesses. Woman To Be Released With Petty Fine

Note: This post was shared by Deepika Bhardwaj on her Facebook page. We appreciate her efforts for publicizing the truth.

As per Deepika Bhardwaj,

He remained incarcerated inside the Jail until his trial lasted and he was acquitted. Not sure how many years. She claimed to have been raped while going to pick her children up when in reality the school was closed that day. She accepted later that she went with the accused willingly because she did not want to be with her husband.

Court in Rewari Haryana has found the case fit to sue the woman now under IPC 211 for lodging a false complaint. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is let off by paying a petty fine because how the husband was very cruel would be given as an excuse. None the less – a case that establishes again that a man is picked up n locked behind bars for years in India on grounds of evidence that proves “He had Sex” …. Now let’s ask for even more stringent provisions because existing laws are also not working.



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