Maneka Gandhi Takes Serious Action On Cyber Trolls, Asks Women Victims To Inform Her

Women and Child Development minister Maneka Gandhi has decided to take online trolling against women earnestly.  According to a report by NDTV, she has set up a cyber cell with the help of Ministry of home affairs and Ministry of Information and technology to

Senior bureaucrat Chetan Sanghi will head the newly formed cyber cell.


It all started when Meneka Gandhi posted on her twitter account asking women to share their online abuse story and approach her. She had also asked the National Commission for Women (NCW) to take care of such cases.

The Union minister asked the women online to post complaints using the hashtag #IamTrolledHelp or mail grievances directly to her. The complaints will be forwarded to the National Commission for Women (NCW).

NCW Chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam had opposed the idea saying it was not possible to ‘police the internet’.

“You can’t police the net. It is an open space, it is like a galaxy almost. There are billions of twitter accounts and no organisation can keep an eye on twitter. It is not physically possible for anybody to say we are following everybody’s twitter,” she had said.

On Friday, through a series of tweets, the Ministry clarified its stance.

There will be no patrolling on the internet. The unit will only respond to complaints made by affected women through email. The only time we will respond is when we receive complaints about abusive behaviour, harassment, hateful conduct, the tweets from the ministry said.




But the question lies, what about men being trolled by women. There are many instances where the online space has played havoc in a man’s life where he is abused and stalked by a woman. Is there any cyber cell or ministry working for the distraught man who is a victim of online trolling?



Well, Hoping for another cyber cell that will work for the freedom of expression for man.

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