Martyrs Of Marriage- A Documentary On Misuse of Dowry Laws Screened In Delhi

Martyrs of Marriage, a documentary film based on the exploitation of 498A was premiered on 22nd October in Delhi’s Iskcon auditorium, Iskcon temple. The film entirely based on true incidents showcased the other side of the holy institution of marriage where a man is harassed by a woman under the pretext of dowry laws. It is rampant in our society but distinctively veiled under the prejudices of society’s soft attitude towards females.


The film very poignantly deals with the issues where a man is being trapped under the ambiguity of Anti-Dowry law also known as 498A of the Indian Penal Code.


One after another, 5-6 cases were shown in the film, which clearly showed the ways daughter-in-laws after the marriage had sabotaged the respective families of their husbands. Many committed suicide to get an acknowledgment of the predicament they were going through. It also documents each and every facet about how 498A is being misused by women with the help of the counselor and lawyers.

This documentary is a harsh slap on the gluttonous women who under the clouds of feminism and modernity still tries to become a liability on their partners after marriage and has made ‘marriage’ a business-making machine to earn money even after ill-treating and torturing their husband.

Retired Judge of Delhi High court, S.N Dhingra in the film was quoted as saying, “The law 498A is being grossly misused by the women these days which needs to be looked after else many innocent lives will be lost.

Former law minister, Ashwani Kumar made a valuable point in the documentary where he said that the debate is not about Men VS women, the idea is to make 498A gender neutral to avoid its exploitation at such extreme level.

The statistics this film brings out show that myriad cases are still pending and the falsely accused accused men are still fighting for innocence but at the the lawyers have stooped down in the judicial system, bringing out a change is a far-cry. However, with people like Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj who happens to be the director of the film are taking such majors by becoming the voices of the voiceless is certainly helping in breaking the notion that only WOMAN are tortured and harassed in the matrimonial system.


 The film almost took four years to complete and the audience and chief invitees acknowledged Deepika’s dedication and conviction with standing ovation.


Justice Ravi R. Tripathi,  Retired Judge, High Court of Gujarat appreciated the effort by the team and talked about the significant impact this documentary could make in the legal arena if taken into the right direction.

With such a hard-hitting message, the documentary, in the end, left the audience teary-eyed and made us question our own conscience that always favors the women in any dispute.


Advocate Rashmi Bhushan, senior mediator, Gurgaon district court and also one of those who were interviwed for the film called it a revolution that will help people realize the far reaching implications of 498A misuse.

 One of the district court lawyer present in the audience right away sponsored its next premier in his district court owing to the  indelible impact this documentary has on minds of the people.


The documentary will be up for screening in different locations in the coming days and for more details log onto




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