MBA Grad Killed Daughters To Liberate Them From Sexual Abuse

In one horrifying incident, a mother allegedly killed her minor daughters aged 8 and 5 respectively. The mother suspected that her husband had been molesting the elder daughter for past few months.


Rajini Chutke, 41, mother of eight-year-old Ashvitha and three-year-old Tavishka, broke a glass bottle and slit throats of both the daughters, at her residence in Teacher’s Colony, Tukaramgate Police Station Inspector T Laxmi Narayana said.


She said that she wanted to liberate her kids from the harassment that they were going through.


The elder daughter was watching TV at around 9 pm and the younger one was sleeping when they were brutally murdered by their own mother.


The incident came to light when father, Vinay Chutke reached home from his shop saw the main door ajar and got suspicious when he found his wife missing. Later, he saw both the daughters lying in pool of blood, one under the bed and other in the bathroom.


Rajni, an MBA graduate suspected this harassment few months back, as her elder daughter was always scared of her father and shuddered on seeing him. She also claimed that her daughter had told her that someone touched her private parts. Mother apparently connected the two things and confronted her husband but he denied all the allegations.


As the reports suggest, they have been loggerheads with each other over the same issue for past one week, which might have prompted her to take this extreme step.


Rajni told the police, “I am very sad deep inside because they are dead but I have liberated them.’ She tried to attempt suicide by jumping off Hussainsagar Lake but came home and surrendered to the police.


There is no evidence to the allegations leveled upon the father, but the investigation is still on said police. The family has recently shifted from Maharashtra to Hyderabad.


A case was booked under section 302 (murder) of IPC and further probe is on.










  1. Her crotch smells like a taco says

    Kills kids to prevent suspected sexual abuse by husband, something that she has no proof of, he is just guilty because he’s male.

    She’s a perfect example of modern feminism.

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