Michael Reagan Slammed Donald Trump’s Campaign In A Series Of Tweet

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of former President Ronald Reagan, said that Nancy Reagan would have undoubtedly supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for presidential elections. He slammed Donald Trump and his campaigns in a series of tweets.




“Donald Trump hasn’t done a whole lot for women during this campaign,” Reagan told Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight.” “And he’s not doing anything now to bring women on board and make their condition better”



Reagan has pretty much been vocal decrier of Trump’s campaigns and tricks. He on Monday took to twitter to expel out his emotions towards trump in a fuss of tweets condemning the Trump campaign’s ideologies.


“My father would also not support this kind of campaign if this is what the Republican Party wants to leave Reagans out. Nancy would vote for HRC,” he tweeted.



Reagan was asked by the media representative if he would ask or persuade Republicans to vote for Clinton for the presidential race. He denying the thought and said that he would rather ask Republicans to vote their conscience.

Reagan said. “I’m trying to protect the Reagan legacy.”


Reagan quoted Trump’s latest attack on his Democratic opponent — inquisitive, with no evidence, whether she is “loyal” to her husband as an example of what his parents would not support.



President Reagan told him that the main issue of the campaign should have been different. you are qualified to be president of the United States, not if you’re qualified to be a good husband or a good wife should have been the main issue.


He told Lemon that he would love for the Republican nominee to reach out to him for insight, but “everybody instead wants to just have my name.”


“He’s trying to sell a bill of goods to get into the White House as the president of the United States of America.” He added, “If that’s the direction the Republican Party is going, fine, but leave the Reagans out of it.”

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