Mom Killed Her Three Children, Hid Bodies In Closet

A young woman killed her three sons and hid their bodies in the closets Phoenix on Thursday. She then attempted to kill herself down but was rescued on time by her brother.




Sgt. Trent Crump says the 29-year-old woman’s brother called 911 after returning to the northwest Phoenix home late Wednesday night and initially being locked out by his sister. He then broke the door open and found her wounded body in the bathroom. Police also reached the spot and looked out for her sons.


“She tried to tell officers the children weren’t home,” Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said.

The Police officers then found the bodies of her 5 and 8-year-old sons with stab wounds in an upstairs closet. The body of her youngest son — a 2-month-old boy — eventually was found in the same closet, enclosed in a suitcase, police said.


Crump said the brother then got into the home and found his sister with self-inflicted stab wounds. While he was getting towels for her bleeding, she tried to drown herself in a bath tub, Trump said.


it was “an absolutely horrific scene for the officers and the brother,” Crump said.

The mother was hospitalized in critical condition with neck and abdomen wounds but she is expected to survive, Crump said. “She will be in the hospital for some time with some very serious self-inflicted injuries. It’s a murder investigation at this point.”


When the woman initially spoke with her brother in the garage after he returned home, she was “talking about she had found in life or what she needed in life,” Crump said.

The woman’s family “have no answers,” Crump said. “They don’t know what set this off.”

The woman and her children live with the woman’s brother and the siblings’ mother, Crump said. “There’s no father in the picture.”


The boys were killed during a several hour period Wednesday night after the woman’s mother left for work that evening and her brother returned home from work before midnight, the spokesman said.


There is no exact reference about the reasons which made her took such an extreme step but it is fairly beilved that she was pregnant with another child and this might have depressed her as she wasn’t able to handle the pressure of parenting.



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