Mother Along With Her Lesbian Partner Killed Her Two-Year-Old Son And Abused Two Other Young Boys

An inhuman mother tortured and murdered her two-year-old son after tormenting him since the time he was born. What comes as a shock is the fact that both the mother and her lesbian partner blames the murder on a 7-year-old boy who was also the victim of the cruelty offered by the two heinous women.





The couple reportedly tortured two young boys with making them eat dog’s excreta and being locked up in a cage according to the trial heard in court.


The two-year-old Liam Fee and the other boys were professedly tied up and beaten, were also given ice-cold showers, and forced to wet the bed as they were banned from leaving their rooms at night.


The youngster told the police that his hands and feet would be bound with cable ties to the temporary cage made out of a fireguard and bars. The round of torture three of the children went through was extreme, they would make them eat their own excreta and made to put soap in his mouth and also forced his hand into Liam’s mouth after he had died.

A jury head said;


‘‘One of the youngsters was threatened with having his genitals cut off with a saw, and had a cage filled with rats put on his head, a jury heard. The other boy was told that his dad was dead and the youngster had killed him’’


31-year-old Liam’s mother Rachel Fee along with her 28-year-old partner Nyomi Fee are on trial for a second week at the High Court in Livingston, Scotland. They have entirely denied slaughtering their two-year-old Son, Liam Fee and are blaming his death on another young boy.



Laim was left in his pushchair and bed for prolonged periods of time and put a blanket over his face. Also he was denied food and medical assistance, which might have also resulted, into his death.


The couple has been faced with eight separate charges. The murder charge alleges that they attacked Liam at a house in Fife between March 15 and March 22, 2014.


Trelfa and Fee repeatedly imposed “blunt force trauma to his head and body” causing injuries so severe that he died on March 22 that year.

Their trial before Lord Burns at the High Court is expected to last for between four and six weeks. Both women, originally from Ryton in Tyne and Wear, deny all the charges leveled on them.







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