Mother Drowned Her 7-Year-Old Daughter In Front Of Her Son ‘as punishment’

A 27-year-old mother was convicted for deliberately drowning her daughter in a swimming pool in front of her son as a punishment. Amanda made all efforts to make it look like a tragic accident and for a long time, people assumed seven-year-old Adrianna Hutto had died falling into a pool at the family home in Florida in August 2008. The Case again came to light as Amanda Lewis’s story will feature in new TV show ‘Killer Women’ with Piers Morga.


Courtesy Florida Department of Law Enforcement.JPG

Courtesy Florida Department of Law Enforcement.JPG

She said that her daughter had been cleaning bugs out of the pool, slipped, fell in and drowned but her younger son who was the sole witness of the event revealed the actual incident to the police.

Police arrived at the scene just after the incident happened and Adrianna was taken to the hospital. While the mother, Amanda attended hospital as doctors battled to save her daughter’s life, AJ, Amanda’s  6-year-old son told who was in the care of his grandparents that how his mother drowned Adrianna in the pool using her hand to cover face and push her underwater.


Twice investigators and a child expert interviewed AJ and both the times, he told the same exact story that had happened on that unfortunate day. He said, “ Adrianna had been ‘dunked’ by mum as a punishment for being naughty. She’d sprayed window cleaner in the living room over the TV and this had made ‘momma mad’.


He even showed the police how her mother debunked her in the pool and how he tried to stop her but his efforts went in vain.

Further investigations made by sheriffs confirmed that her mother in a fit of rage murdered Adrianna by drowning her in the pool.

The post-mortem report also showed a bruise on Adrianna’s face that formed the shape of a handprint – where Amanda Lewis had pushed on her head and dunked her underwater.


She has been sentenced to life without any parole and an extra 30 years for child abuse.



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