Mother Found Guilty of Killing 5-Year-Old Son Nearly 25 Years Ago

New jersey’s most mysterious case trial has now come to an end, which was every parent’s worst nightmare. 5-Year-Old Timothy Wiltsey, went missing at a carnival in May 1991 accompanied by her mother who maintained her innocence and denied any involvement in the case for almost 25 years. She was found guilty of her son’s murder on Wednesday.


Lodzinski claimed she had taken her son to a carnival in Sayreville, but he went missing when she turned her back to buy a soda. The young mom claimed Timothy had been abducted, and a team of volunteers and police searched the area to look for the missing boy. He was one of the first missing children to appear on milk cartons.


After five months of the reported abduction, the boy’s sneaker and a blanket were found in a damp part of an industrial park where his mother, Michelle Lodzinski, once worked and subsequently after another six months, his remains were found at the same place.


She was arrested in 2014. She pleaded not to guilty last September. But prosecutors claimed that the mother killed her son because he had become a burden to her.

“She was a young, struggling mother, struggling to survive and take care of her child. Timothy was a burden on her. He was just no longer wanted, and her solution was a life without Timothy.” Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor Christie Bevacqua told the jury.


Lodzinski wasn’t charged until 2014, a few years after prosecutors reopened the case after finding three of Timothy’s former babysitters who identified the blanket as coming from Lodzinski’s apartment. She had later moved to Florida from New Jersey where she had been living with her two sons, ages 12 and 16 and was later arrested at her residence.


Lodzinski could face life in prison for the cold case murder of her son.


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