Mother Jailed For Seven Years For Poisoning Her Baby’s Milk with Tramadol

A Mother of eight showed no signs of compassion towards her infant daughter who she reportedly gave Milk laden with Tramadol drug. She has been proven guilty by the court and sentenced to seven-year-jail.



31-year-old Rose Jones gave her one-year-old high doses of a powerful painkiller expressed in her breast milk. She also tried to blame her Ex-partner for the same and lied to medical staff about her child’s sickness, a court heard.


Jones was herself a drug addict and she reportedly smuggled the drug from the hospital where she took her daughter for some treatment.



Jones claimed she started dosing her daughter with the drug to keep her calm as she was struggling to cope with the children. Also, she took the tramadol drug from the hospital for her own addiction too.


All she did under the influence of drugs and the fact to avail more benefits from doctors and government under disability benefits.


According to the court, She lied about a benefit cheque being stolen; tried to persuade her GP to sign a form saying her daughter had cerebral palsy, and called a newspaper agency claiming the Government was refusing to give her “paralysed” daughter disability benefits. Later, all her claims turned out to be false.


Jones had also previously pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud, including one matter where she took a cash point card belonging to another person and withdrew cash. She made a false complaint to the police claiming that her ex-husband has blown up her house and had drugged their daughters. But in reality, she herself set her house on fire.

All her lies were caught and judge Lawrie jailed Jones for five years and six months for the poisoning and another 20 months for perverting the course of justice. Jones will be sentenced at a hearing on May 19.

A doctor said that the opiate-based drug “could be as bad as heroin”. All her children are in foster care now and luckily the infant has no long-term effects of the drug.



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