Mother Killed Teen Daughter Over Facebook Lover

An inhuman mother killed her daughter and disguised it as suicide to the police to get away with the crime. The incident happened in Abohar town of Punjab. Manju murdered her daughter by strangulating her with the help of her alleged lover,Vijay. Both Manju and her teenage daughter, Dhiksha started loving Vijay which was the main reason for the conflict between the duo.



The love affair of Manju and Vijay started way back in October of 2015 when the Manju befriended Vijay Kumar, alias Sonu on Facebook. Vijay was working in Saudi Arabia then, and their friendship soon blossomed into love and he came to India to be with her. Vijay started living with her in a live in relationship but later he also started dating Manju’s daughter, Dhiksha and maintained a separate relationship with her.


Dhiksha started loving Vijay and wanted to marry him but her plans nosedived when she saw her mother with Vijay tighter in bed. Both mother and daughter had a tiff with each other and more conflict aroused between them about marriage plans with Vijay.


Things got worse when Dhiksha etched Vijay’s name on her wrist with a sharp object, further inciting her mother’s anger Manju in a fit of rage strangled her daughter to death. She then made it appear like a suicide by hanging her to the ceiling fan and informed the police. To save himself from the situation, Vijay wrote a suicide letter in Dhiksha’s name, blaming family disputes as the reason for her suicide.




Police investigated the matter as they find something fishy about the case and how the mother wasn’t much affected by her daughter’s death. Police investigations further made both of them confess their crime and they surrendered themselves.


SP Narender Pal Singh revealed, “Police arrested Panjpeer resident Manju and her lover Vijay Kumar alias Sonu for the murder of her daughter Deeksha and for attempting to hoodwink them into believing it was a suicide


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