Mother Kills Daughter For Having An Affair


A mother allegedly killed her 17-year-old daughter to death by smothering her with a pillow at their residence at Vambay Colony in Vijayawada city of Andhra Pradesh  on Tuesday night.


Mother in her 40’s, Bibi Jaan was furious that her daughter Sheik Nazma had been in a relationship with their neighbour , Deepak. She was arrested from a relative’s house in Vujjuru on Friday after giving fleeing the crime scene.


The family of four had migrated from Khammam district in Telangana to Vijayawada a few months ago. The problem started in the house when the family got to know about younger daughter’s love affair with the neighbor, Deepak who was a divorcee.


“Bibi Jaan and Mysore Jaan(Father) both opposed to their daughter’s relationship with Deepak as he is a divorcee,” police said.


On Tuesday night, after the family members had had their supper, Mysore Jaan went out for some work at around 9 pm and Nazma’s mother had already sent her elder daughter Salma to a relative’s house somewhere nearby. She then tried to convince Nazma to end her relationship with Deepak.


“We opposed the marriage as she was too young and Deepak was a divorcee. She was arrogant and refused to listen to my pleas. Though I love my daughter, I had no option but to end her life as our family’s honour was at stake,” Bibi Jaan told the media.


When Nazma Didn’t pay any heed to her mother pleas and went back to sleep, her enraged mother took a pillow and smothered her until she died of suffocation. Later, to escape police case, she told everyone that Nazma died of severe stomach pain and convinced everyone to shift the body to Kanchikacherla to perform her last rites.


“I saw them moving out in a hurry late in the night but had no inkling of Nazma’s death. I learnt about it on Wednesday morning and grew suspicious. Immediately, I lodged a complaint with the police,” said Deepak. He claimed that he had plans to marry Nazma after three years as she was a minor and had to complete her education as well. “But her parents wanted her to either forget me me or leave them immediately,” he complained. Police sent the body for a post-mortem







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