Mother Kills Daughter With Help Of Her Lover

A mother along with her paramour killed her minor child of first marriage because she was interfering with their privacy. The case is again in the news as she has now approached the High Court for bail.


According to the reports, they both were taken into custody by police in December 2015 and were also booked under the Pocso Act for the alleged harassment of the girl, who was in UKG.


The couple, Satisha and Shobha were living together after leaving their respective partners since a year. Shobha had a girl child from her first marriage, who was living with the couple. They were infuriated by her presence in their lives.


She was killed by her mother’s boyfriend and they both took her to the hospital to prevent any police case and told the doctors that she fall in the bathroom and had sustained injuries. But the staff at the hospital got suspicious her changing statements and nervous behavior. Thus, police were called. After the post mortem was done the report made it clear that the girl had died of external injuries. Police later interrogated and questioned Shobha to which she confessed the truth.


She herself told the police that the child did not approve of Satisha living with them and this had led to them beating the child often. She also told that she almost used to beat her twice daily and her boyfriend didn’t like her at all and made her do all the household chores at the time.


Both of the culprits had approached the High Court for bail but mother’s boyfriend application has been rejected as he was the one who smashed her head into the wall. The mother might get the bail according to her lawyer.


They both told the police that they killed her for “often causing inconvenience to their privacy.








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