Mother Kills Her Six-Year-Old Ailing Son

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A woman aged 25 killed her 6-year-old son, as she wasn’t able to bear his medical expenses. The woman who lost her husband in 2012 told the police that she was fed up of his son’s ailment that led her to take such an extreme step.

After strangulated him and she took him to Shatabdi Hospital saying that he was unwell and wasn’t responding but her lies were caught very soon.


Savitra Durnale became the suspect when doctors who were examining her son Devraj found that he was already dead and stated his death to be unnatural.


After further examination, they found some ligature marks on parts of his neck and informed the RCF police. “After going through the doctor’s report we detained the child’s mother, who initially gave a false story that her son was unwell for two days. But on sustained interrogation, she confessed that she strangulated him as she was unable to make ends meet,” said Umap Shahaji, deputy commissioner of police (zone 6). She has been booked for murder and remanded to police custody.


she was a native of Gulbarga and was married to a labourer who died four years ago. She told the police that after his death, Devraj, began getting convulsions and she didn’t have a place to stay. “Hearing her plight, a bar girl employed Savitra as a domestic help and let her stay with her in Chembur. Savitra also worked in two other places and earned Rs 4,000 a month. But recently Devraj again got convulsions and she said she was fed up with the expenses on his medicines and couldn’t ask for more money from her employer,” said Shahaj


She told the police that because she wasn’t able to earn more her two daughters died two years because of the same problem her son had. She took the extreme step out of helplessness.


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