Mother Of Five Sentenced To 35 Years in Prison For Killing Her 2-Month-Old Daughter

23-year-old Kelsy Newell-Skinner, a mother of five has been sentenced to 35 years in prison on the charges of killing her fifth child, Natalee Skinner in July 2014.


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2-month-old Natalee was shaken all over and thrown against the wall myriad times. Newell-Skinner has admitted being in an inebriated condition when she murdered her daughter. She didn’t even remember injuring her child.

Prosecutors said Natalee had pre-existing injuries, signs of previous abuse were also reported.
Newell-Skinner read a statement in court, saying she was “proud to be Natalee’s mommy,” and she was afraid to lose her other children forever, as she won’t be able to see her other four children till they turn adults.

Natalee’s paternal grandfather Albie Hurst has put the blame for her grand daughter’s death on others.

“If the case worker who’d been assigned had even opened the book on Kelsy’s history much less going to a house with five children, 500 square foot apartment, I think that all the kids would’ve probably been removed from Kelsy’s custody at least on a temporary basis,” Hurst said.



The reason is not much clear but it is believed that Newell-Skinner has a history of physical abuse in her childhood. she was forcibly medicated by her parents, her father was obnoxious, and her mother left and developed a substance abuse problem which became very serious. . Newell-Skinner has lived in many foster homes, according to court testimony.

The defense expert testified Newell-Skinner suffered from PTSD and depression, which led her to take such a drastic step but it is clearly not justified as she has killed her own daughter.



She killed her daughter by throwing her against the wall repeatedly and smashing her head on the ground. The cruelty of the crime was intense enough which made the court took the decision of sentencing her to 35 years in jail.

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