MRA Woman Deepika Bharadwaj’s ‘1 Year Old’ Niece Being Dragged Into Twitter Fight By Feminists Who Were Abusing


1What makes you a sensible human is the fact, when you think equally about both the prevalent genders in the society but you realize a deep dug mess has been created when in the name feminism one abuses and attack Men Right activists just to prove themselves right.


The relentless debate about MRA’s and Feminists has once again revived on twitter by few feminists attacking renowned Men’s right activist Deepika Narayan


It all started when Deepika Narayan asked Priyanka Chopra in a tweet about her advice to Men whose women cheat on them since she said she would beat the shit out of his man if he cheated on her. Fair enough? But if any man would have said the same thing (let not just be any celebrity) he would have been under the constant censure of the entire feminists group around the world.


A long-lost feminist might have got her sentiments hurt and attacked Deepika through a war of tweets and compared her to Taher Shah.


The series of similar tweets followed where this oh-i-am-so-cool feminist tried to bring in the Family of Deepika and blamed her parents for her approach towards a patriarchal society.




Like Seriously, shamming parents and family is what make you a die-hard  feminist? And this wasn’t enough the attack got much more intense when she said she felt sorry for her niece to be born up in such a patrichal family. Dragging a toddler into this nasty brawl won’t prove you right.







Undeniably woman needs to set free of the patriarchal norms but when rules and regulations are made they become the first one to misuse them in the favour of feminism and womanhood. If we are talking about equality, it shall be held in every means. Men faces oppression and prejudices  too which nobody pays heed to and When one such lady tried to actually take up the issue about Men’s right activism, she’s all attacked on social media and abused by words. Is it justified? Apparently now the feminist group is uniting to take a case against Deepika’s work and MRA’s approach.

The whole idea is about true gender equality not favouritism which feminists has misinterpreted.



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