Nidhi – Story Of A 4 year Old Acid Attack Survivor

Note : This was shared by the Make Love Not Scars page whom we appreciate for their efforts towards rehabilitating acid attack victims.


The story as mentioned on the page is as follows:


Little Nidhi runs around the room, jumping up on the table and hiding behind chairs. She is full of energy and has a cheeky little smile, like all 4 year old’s should. What sets Nidhi apart from other children though, is that she has painful burns to her face, neck, arms and chest. If it wasn’t for the intense scarring, you would have no idea that Nidhi has gone through such a horrific event at such a young age. Her mother sits close to us, and explains how it could happen that a 4 year old could be attacked in such a way. During October in 2014 a 2 year old Nidhi went to her aunts house in Bihar to stay for a few days. In the months leading up to the attack, her aunt was in a relationship with a man who her brother (Nidhi’s uncle) didn’t approve of. Her brother convinced her to refuse his marriage proposal and to stay away from him. When she told the man that she could not see him anymore, he got incredible angry and couldn’t handle the rejection. It was then at 3am on the 18th of October while Nidhi was sleeping soundly next to her aunt, that this jilted lover snuck into the house and threw acid on the woman who had rejected him. It is unknown whether or not he knew little Nidhi was lying next to her aunt. Nidhi woke to an inconceivable amount of pain. She and her aunt were both rushed to hospital, and while her aunt could be operated on, the doctors said they could do nothing but basic first aid for little Nidhi who was too young to receive any treatment. Nidhi’s distraught parents were told they would have to go to a bigger hospital if they wanted to receive treatment for their child. Meanwhile the perpetrator of this heinous crime had disappeared, and because the police they spoke to were uninterested to help, Nidhi’s family had no way to find him and hold him responsible for his actions.The attatck left Nidhi with severe burns to approximately 25% of her body.

Nidhi – A YoungAcid Attack Victim

Her face is dramatically affected, with her left eye drooping and damage to the eyeball. The skin on her neck was fused to her shoulder, undoubtedly causing her a great deal of pain. She also had burns running up and down both of her arms and all over her chest where the acid ate away her soft skin. With only a small amount of money but a determined attitude, Nidhi’s mother and father went to Patna in search of help. The doctors there put Nidhi on a drip, but sadly, were unqualified to do any more for the young child. Her parents were confused, but adamant that something more had to be done if their child was going to recover from this. Determined not to give up on their daughter, her parents then moved their entire lives to Delhi in search of a hospital that could treat Nidhi. They slept in the hospitals that refused to help them, and they ate in the gurudwara (a place of worship). Homeless and hungry, they spent their days helplessly trying to find anyone who could help their child. It was in December of the same year by chance that they met Shaheen, an acid attack survivor herself and the vice president of Make Love Not Scars. By getting in touch with Make Love Not Scars, Nidhi was able to have surgery on her neck to dethatch it from her shoulder where her skin had fused together which dramatically improved her quality of life. While Nidhi now appears to be a happy child, she has a long journey ahead of her. Her parents cannot
afford to send her to school and she has ongoing medical needs which must be addressed. Her parents want her to have a good education and as many opportunities as possible, in the hope that this horrific event can be overcome. As she jumps around the room and dances cheekily around her mother, it is hard to imagine such a beautiful child going through so much pain. Hopefully with proper help and rehabilitation, Nidhi will have a bright future. ”


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