Nigerian Beauty Queen Nearly Dies After Allergic Reaction To EYE DROPS

In one rare case, a beauty queen was left with coma for then a month after an unusual reaction to an eye drop. She experienced a near-to-death incident in which her skin started falling off.


Marian Adejokun, 24, suffered from Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a one-in-a-million-illness that makes the skin dry and scaly and shed it like a snake.


She has been left disfigured for life by the incident – but she still feels lucky to be alive.


This horrific allergy to eye drop caused her skin to peel off which left her in intensive care unit for more than 4 weeks in Royal London Hospital where baffled doctors treated her from the life threatening disease. This disease is triggered by an allergic reaction to some medication.
The Symptoms of this disease include skin rashes, burns in the mouth, ears and nose and swelling of the eyelid. If left untreated the condition can be fatal or can possibly trigger complications such as blindness and organ failure.


It started in 2011, When Miss Adejokun developed an inflamed eye to which her physician referred an eye drop which she used before going to the bed. And from the next day her ordeal started when she developed lumps and morsels all over her body.


She was taken to the hospital as her condition worsened and on seeing the condition doctors warned her family that she may not survive.


Miss Adejokun’s mother, Remi, said the eye medication left her daughter in such a terrible state she ‘looked like Freddy Krueger’ from the horror film Nightmare on Elm Street.


‘I hate to say that, but there were so many blisters – her skin was just tearing off and her lips were very swollen,’ she said.


‘I looked at her and I was so scared she was going to burst open. I saw death knocking at my daughter’s door, all because of eye drops.



Speaking about her condition, Miss Adejokun said: ‘Unknown to me, I had a rare, deadly allergy to eye drops which caused by skin to peel off from head to toe. When I was in the intensive care unit, crying in pain, all I thought of was coming home.



Doctors at the hospital didn’t see any chance of survival but she defied the chances and pulled through – with doctors addressing her recovery a ‘miracle’.



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