No! India and Middle East Are Not The Land Of Rapists. That Is A Lie Spread By Feminists

Note: This was initially published by Mr. Subu Subramaniam whom we thank and appreciate for his efforts towards men’s right activism.


India the Land of Rapists !! (shaming males from other countries, who are not *here* to answer !! )
* of late I have started seeing so called “news” and “analysis” that shows men from Middle East as “Rapists” or “molesters” or “cruel” to women
* I suspect this is a pattern, this is a propaganda war against men
* I have seen with my own eyes that women are quire safe in these Middle East countries / communities and they are quite protected as well
* Imagine you never had to work, had a driver to drive you around and your husband had to earn for you, your vehicle and driver and the kids and your facial… This is what “happens” in Saudi to most women… But somehow this is called oppression. IF this was oppression, my grandmother was much more oppressed (she had only a bull-a-cart and never did facials !!)
* Also, most middle eastern states, (which are accused by these shaming tactics) are actually quite *brutal with men* who are accused of crimes ..from pickpocket to rape will get royally “scr3w3d” for touching a female.
* For example : I have many colleagues and friends who have lived under Saddam… Yes Saddam Hussein. I’ve heard many first had stories from them (both then and now). That (Saddam era before the second war for example) was one of the safest periods for 99.999 % of the women (unless you were Saddam’s son’s girl friend or something smile emoticon )
* In general, women are quite safe in the *stable* countries of the Arabian / Middle Eastern world
* I agree that these *states* may have laws that are NOT in line what “we” imagine as correct / what we accept as fair etc, but the *state* will NOT let all and sundry take law in its hands or fiddle women in public (the alpha males are real big time alpha here and they want *all* control)
* Having said all that, Egypt (and Algeria) were thru some periods of Anarchy ….in fact the so called “Arab spring” lead to anarchy in many places. It’s Syria / Libya now … It looks like these anarchic periods are used to shame whole communities as if this happened since 1000 years
* Males and females have different roles in different communities, and that’s due different cultural / historical reasons.
* but to say that all men in “that” country are rapists is feminist propaganda and “male” shaming tactic
* Many westerners still think India is a nation of rapists !! – are you a Rapist ?
* Many Indians think American men are drunkards !! Could you imaging drunkards reaching the moon or running Apple, Google and Mictosoft ?
* This narrative of calling the “other” man an a$$hole is a very common feminist propaganda and I see the same pattern here
Please feel free to disagree with me, In fact I’m eager to know your views. Could I please request you to keep religion out of this smile emoticon smile emoticon Hindus for example are regularly called “pagan” / “Snake worshipers” and so on by people with an “agenda” … I’m talking of just the “anti male” propaganda here

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