Notable Woman MRA Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj Writes An Open Letter To Feminists

Notable¬†Female ‘Men’s Right Activist’ Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj¬†wrote a letter for feminists on her Facebook timeline which is as follows:


So a Feminist has written an Open Letter to MRAs, after getting tired of their bu**shit!!

I am not going to even bother you with the link because that rant is easily available on all their pages and there’s really nothing new in it. I wouldn’t even bother to reply to that rant because – do rants ever invite a dialogue? No.

But I am still posting my reaction on it here because she said – MRAs Cry Me A F**king River so I am going to Shower her with F**King Ocean….My comment over there anyways won’t pass moderation because while she can abuse as a Feminist in the article, I would be harassing using same language in comments. So here it is….

I have rarely done this but let me do
this right away – Abuse – because that’s
the entitlement you think you have as a
Feminist or a woman or whatever and I
Am of the same Gender : S**riya I am f*cking
Tired of f*cking Feminist rant against MRAs.

You F*cking have no guts to go challenge DCW that released the stat of 53.2% rape cases in Delhi false.

You F*cking have no heart to go meet a
Family falsely accused, their bahus sitting
In their hard earned home abusing DV Laws

You f*cking have not spoken to one MRA before Writing this so called Open Letter and understand What they want

You f*cking have no heart for a young man
Incarcerated in Jail because of loving a woman but all you blame is Patriarchy that’s against inter caste marriages

You f*cking don’t want women filing rape on promise of marriage to take any responsibility of who they are consenting to for sex and on what terms even if they are 35 year olds understanding every bit of the meaning of their action and consequences

You f*cking have no sympathy for married women – sisters – who are implicated in these cases sitting thousand miles away settled in their Matrimonial home only to shunt here and there with their husbands being accused of demanding dowry by their sister in law

You have not read a single judgment where
Women have turned hostile giving lamest of excuses

You have f*cking read no judgment where
Truthful testimony by a woman sans material
Evidence has got conviction within few months in rape cases by the same Patriarchal Judges

And you f*cking write – cry a f*cking river????

Your tone of the article tells me how exasperated and disturbed you are merely because you are a Feminist and you have read Feminist researches of historical Oppressions of women while you have no clue what most of these people you call plight of as “bullshit” have themselves faced in their life or are facing currently.

Last but not the least – Cry a F*cking River.

Your own women are betraying your Feminist theories misusing the entitlements and it would give birth to many many many more MRAs.

Spoiler Alert – young women are joining the force too because they are finding if difficult to relate to your perennial victimhood narrative looking at things around them and calling your like FemiNAZIs

Get me a Feminist Tears Mug Someone!!!

PS: The post is strictly addressed to the writer of the crap Open Letter because I know of many Feminists out there now who understand the wrongs and pains on both the sides and I respect them.

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