Oglers Check Out Models Not Cars At Auto Expo

Auto Expo is the mecca of every automobile enthusiast. If you are crazy about cars, their designs and want to know about the newest beauty in town, then Auto Expo is a must-visit event for you. But some people have found a new pastime in an event that showcases vehicles. They, instead of staring at the cars, stare at the models showcasing the cars in an obscene way.

A visitor at the Auto Expo 2016 commented:

“Some people, I mean seriously, some people had gone to the Auto Expo, just to click these beautiful models. I experienced this firsthand when I visited the expo yesterday.
Neither these people know the worth of an Audi, nor do they know the importance of respecting the female species.”

This was the image that he shared.


As you can see here, the guy in the picture is not clicking the car but the model presenting it. Though it might look like harmless, ‘men will be men’ behavior, it is something more serious. It also gives them the assumption that they can do anything to the other gender without facing serious consequences. And also, it is plain rude to take pictures of people without their consent.

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