Post Debate, Hillary Clinton Takes The Lead Over Trump

Hillary Clinton had a lead over Trump with five points after the first presidential debate. According to Polls by CNN, the survey finds Clinton topping Trump 47% to 42% among likely voters with Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson at 7% and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 2%. About one in 10 voters pick either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.


The poll was directed last Thursday through Sunday — well after last week’s presidential debate and the subsequent outbreak of critical news coverage for Trump.


September polls had hinted that the race in Colorado was closing: A University poll by Quinnipiac September demonstrates that Clinton was ahead by 2 points, and CNN Poll before the debate gave Trump a 1-point lead.

After Bernie’s exit from the presidency race, Hillary has garnered the voters who were on his side because she tilted her ideologies almost as same as Bernie’s. Also, she has improved on some key qualities which makes her a better candidate than Trump: More now see her as having the right temperament (59 percent) and People believe she is now prepared to be the president of the United States (63 percent) than at any time during the campaign and past times. Trump’s numbers have held secure on these channels and continue to be more negative after every controversy of his piling up on the social media. Nonetheless, he as per the polls saw as best capable of handling the economy and bringing some major transformation.



Trump negativity also came into being because of his disgraceful tweet to a beauty Pageant winner that angered his women followers. to say According to the polls, 72 percent of women might vote Clinton rather than Trump (41 percent) because she cares and understands the needs and problems of women.


Before the debate, the two leading candidates were tied in a four-person race at 42 percent each






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