President Obama Triggers Outrage After Being Photographed In Front Of Che Guevara Mural In Cuba

President Obama has done something which no sitting US President did in 88 years. He has set his foot in Cuba and has been accompanied by family members, and various American politicians and business leaders. They have a common goal of building a conduit between US and Cuba. These 2 nations are known for their differences for decades, and the number of years any US President never visited a country situated too close can tell anyone what this is all about. The President Obama’s visit to Cuba is truly historic, but what has caught the attention of the conservatives is not the noble effort, but a photograph taken in the Havana’s Revolution Plaza, where President Obama and many others took part in the wreath laying ceremony. The photo had a giant Che Guevar’s mural in the background.

The Cuban Marxist revolutionary leader, Che Guevara ‘s mural took the visit to a whole new level. Many of the conservative websites didn’t miss the chance of criticizing the president for posing in front of the giant Che Guevara mural. Drudge Report has to be definitely mentioned here. It captioned, “Mission Accomplished.” While called it “gem of a picture”, The Washington Examiner accused the image of creating “fresh wave of fury.” The accuse also continued in social media sites like Twitter, and one of the Twitter users called Obama, “a disgrace.” Also, another user used the photograph to complain that Obama missed memorial service of Chris Kyle, of Navy SEAL, in 2013.

The conservatives while not appreciating the efforts of Obama to form a tie between these 2 countries, which are known rivals for nearly 9 decades, have been thumbing him from the moment he stepped his foot in Cuba. Ted Cruz, the president candidate of Republican Party, and former GOP candidate Marco Rubio, condemned the act openly in a serious manner. This just proves, they never miss an opportunity to bring down Obama and his actions, regardless of the reactions.

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