President Obama trolls Pro-Constitution Party with Article II Section 2 of US Constitution on Social Media

Antonin Scalia, former Supreme Court Justice, was much known for his racist, anti woman and anti gay notions passed way, paving way for another controversy. President Obama who has a constitutional duty to appoint the Supreme Court Justice, is now put under pressure by the Republicans. Senate Majority Leader McConnell says that Obama’s nominee would be never be given a chance, regardless of the votes, hearings or anything.

As per the Republicans, it is not the tradition for a president to appoint the new Supreme Court Justice, during the last year of his term. They had conveniently let it go, while the fact is full third of American presidents have done so, during the election year. The president met McConnell, and Charles Grassley, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, to discuss the plans of Obama to nominate the Justice for Supreme Court at the earliest. The Republicans unfortunately, stood strong to the ground, to oppose the decision of President Obama.

During the meeting that lasted 40 minutes, president Obama even asked McConnell and his team to suggest a name to nominate. They replied in their clichéd manner of having no idea on the nomination for this position. This clearly means that they do not want to appoint someone in another couple of weeks, much against the President’s idea.

The Article II Section 2 of US Constitution is what President Obama replied back with to slam the Republicans, on the social media. He sauntered the pro-constitution party with the very words of the article and declared he is ready to do his duty, and the senate should do the same.

#DoYourJobhashtagwas  used, and this yet another way Obama smacked the Pro-Constitution party on Facebook. In Twitter, again he posted a petition to urge the senate to do its job. The petition proved that Obama takes his responsibility about the constitution never in a lighter wing. He also added, “Leaving a seat open on the Supreme Court for more than a year is irresponsible.”

With this very message, Obama has left his stand clear. It is not unusual these days to find the Party of Reagan irresponsible, and nothing more can be expected.

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