Protesters Attacked During Donald Trump’s Arizona Rally

Donald Trump’s rallies are marked with hatred speeches on colored people, and people of other ethnicities, and violent attacks. If any of these are reported, then this is no surprise. The supporters of Trump are fanatical enough to make life tough for anyone who tries to protest against them. This goes even worst when they are gathered up, and listening religiously to their leader speaking blisteringly. Now it’s time to report the rally and the protest that continued in Tucson, Arizona.

Trump’s supporters are seen attacking a victim, who appears to be a protester, brutally. Finally the authorities swarmed in and saved the protester. The victim was seen punched first, and when he rolled on ground, he was hit out and clomped. Until the authorities found way in to stop the attack, the victim had to undergo lots of jerking from the instinctive supporters of Trump. Everything that went on was captured in a cellphone camera, and thanks to social media, the video went viral to unveil what a protester had to undergo under the fanatical fans of Trump.

What is more distressing is when everything went on, Trump was still busy with his speech, and trying to inject more fury into the hot-blooded supporters. There was another incident where the manager of Trump grabbed a protester by his collar.

Annoying and even more infuriating is the fact that the republican frontrunner believes that he is delivering what is right, but also encourage his supporters to do the same. If this is what is going to be the  America of Donald Trump, then it is time for many Americans to stay under a veil, and maintain a very low profile, if not slaves. The worst is that a few might have to pack their bags in search of a Trump-free place.

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