Stunning New Reuters Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Leading Nationally By 6 Percent

It’s official. Bernie is leading Hillary by six percent, and this was reported by Reuters after they conducted a national poll. And repeating again, the poll was by Reuters which means it is legit.

Bernie had 41.7 percent support from voters identifying themselves as Democrat, while Clinton’s support was at 35.5 percent.


Interestingly, the margin between the two has been narrow since the Iowa polls. Clinton was two points ahead of Bernie in the opinion poll they conducted after Hillary’s win in Iowa. In the next poll conducted on 17th February, Bernie was two points ahead of Hillary. However, the sides reversed again when Hillary led by five percent on the poll conducted on 23rd February. But this poll is the most significant one because of the huge gap of six percent while Bernie leads, which means an 11 percent swing.

Usuncut stated:

“This poll comes at a critical time for the Sanders campaign, which is coming off of a 5-point loss in the Nevada caucus and is perceived as the underdog in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. Sanders faces another uphill contest as Super Tuesday looms ahead on March 1. The Vermont senator has been steadily gaining ground in crucial primary states like Georgia and Texas, which award approximately 20 percent of total delegates between the two of them.”

Undoubtedly, this is a clear shift of popularity in Bernie’s favor.



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    That’s amazing. I hope he wins the nomination! I am voting for him. He is challenging the corporate oligarchy on behalf of the public, and is honest, not corrupt. He is also the better person to beat the GOP nominee, of the two, because he has growing support.

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