Russian Woman Stabbed Husband To Death, Then Fed His Remains To Family Dog


A Russian woman has been accused of butchering her husband with a knife and feeding his flesh piece by piece to her dog until his last breath. It is believed that the woman was highly inebriated and did this in cocaine-fueled frenzy leaving him covered in blood.


46-year-old Svetlana Batukova was arrested after Cops found her in her home in Cala Millor, a resort located on the island.

She stabbed him to death with a kitchen knife and as his 65-year-old husband named Horst Hans Henkels lay wounded, she whittled pieces of his arm off to the bone and fed them to the dog.

Authorities said she waited for hours to call the cops and when they arrived they found her sitting on stairs with his husband body lying in pool of blood at their home.

She is reported to be a cocaine addict and was a serious dope head that had affected her psychologically too.

Reportedly Batukova had some sort of breakdown during the attack, possibly caused by high dosage drugs that led to her take such inhumane step.


Police are investigating if she drugged her husband before killing him.


And unfortunately Henkels couldn’t call out anyone for help during the attack as he recently underwent surgery on his windpipe, which rendered him unable to speak.


They both had married in January this year after living together for around two years enjoying their courtship.

Batukova was a social media junkie and didn’t seemed unhappy. She regularly used to post pictures of her pet dog and cat on her Facebook page.


Apparently the couple was always loggerheads with each other and at times their dispute used to turn much violent and fierce that police had to intervene to sort out.


Local reports also suggest that Russian woman had recently offered a man €50,000 for soliciting his husband’s murder.

The exact motive behind the murder is unclear. Police is still investigating from all angles. Batukova appeared in court on Monday to face the murder charges.



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