Sanders And Cruz Lead In Wisconsin Primary- Polls

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are apparently on the verge of losing the Wisconsin polls. Bernie Sanders is ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a two-point lead. It may seem like a close call between the two it represents a turn of events for Sanders, considering that he was straggling behind last month.


On the other side of the playing field, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is falling behind Sen. Ted Cruz. Cruz leads Donald Trump in CBS polls by 43 percent to 37 percent. Governor John Kasich was at third place with a mere 18 percent.

Wisconsin could act as a battlefield for both parties in November. A Wisconsin loss for Trump might reset the Republican presidential race according to experts. Wisconsin is a crucial state in the 2016 presidential race for Republicans, as it will decide if they are facing a contested convention in July.

On the democratic front, it is believed that Sanders has only risen as the leader in the last two weeks, soaring up a full five percentage points between March 22 and March 28. His margin has now varied from a total of eight points ahead of Clinton with a two-point difference from the previous leads.

According to CBS, 81 percent of Wisconsin Democrats called Sanders honest and dependable, whereas 51 percent feel the same for Clinton.

The slight lead over Clinton will help Bernie Sanders gain more momentum for his campaign. A survey directed on behalf of VoteVets Action Fund claims that Sanders is the favorite in the Democratic primary leading Clinton by 49-43.

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