Senior Civil Judge Of Tis Hazari Court Caught Red-Handed By CBI On Charges Of Taking Bribe

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested a senior civil judge of Delhi’s Tis Hazari court on charges of an unlawful act of taking bribery of around 20 lakhs in a property case.




She along with her husband, Alok Lakhanpal was arrested on allegations of receiving a bribe of Rs 4 lakhs out of the 20 lakhs deal which was set, from a lawyer who was appointed as local commissioner in a case referred to her. Vishal Mehan, the lawyer who was also illegally caught giving bribe to the judge was also arrested from the spot.


All three of them were arrested from different locations in the national capital.


“The agency carried out searches at the judge’s residence and cash amounting to Rs 94 lakhs was seized along with two locker keys and other incrementing documents,” said CBI official R K Gaur.



Other sources of the agency also confirmed that Rs 60 lakh was recovered from the bedroom of the couple and the rest of the amount was recovered from their children’s bedroom. There were two witnesses, both government officials, present during the raid.



Vishal Mehan, the lawyer allegedly had demanded a bribe of Rs 2 lakhs for himself as well as Rs 20 lakhs for Rachna Tiwari Lakhanpal for actually manipulating a property matter in the complete favour of the complainant. The agency after being notified by some sources laid aside trap where the bribe was to be allegedly paid by Mehan.


“A case was registered under Prevention of Corruption Act against the advocate on a complaint alleging that in a matter being heard by a Senior Civil Judge (West), Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi, she had appointed him as local commissioner for conducting an inspection of the disputed property and submitting his report,” said Gaur.


During the initial interrogation by the CBI, Mehan eventually said that the money was taken only to hand over to the judicial officer.

“Subsequently, Mehan handed over the bribe money to Rachna at her residence. She kept Rs 4 lakh and gave back Rs 1 lakh to him just before a CBI team arrested her,” the officer said.


The alleged bribe money has been recovered by the CBI.






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