Shameless Girl Files Multiple False Sexual Assault Cases To Extort Rich Man

Note: This news is sourced from Gurgaon Police’s Facebook Page. The link is here. The pitch is by notable MRA Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.

He owns a building that’s rented out to families and bachelors in Gurgaon. She was one of his tenants. One night she called him and told him she had a fight with a guy next door. He went there and found these people were fighting with each other and were drunk. Realizing his building had families living there, he asked both the girl and the guy to leave the premises. Everyone in the building was a witness. Next day the girl called him and said she has called the police. He thought she had called the cops to complain against the guy who she fought with but little did he know that she had called them alleging molestation. He went to the cops who told them they know the girl and that she has filed several similar cases on people and that he needs to pay her to compromise the matter. He was informed that the man she is staying with who is her husband also has a sexual assault case still running on him, filed by her earlier to force marriage. Even after marriage she hasn’t withdrawn the case.


So the demand in this case started with 50K, but since it took a couple of hours for them to resolve the matter, she said now she will take 1.2 lac to settle the matter. They still paid. He thought the matter was over. But no. She called him again the next day and demanded more money. When these people called her husband and complained, he said she knows they are rich, so she wouldn’t let it go so easily. This guy was called to the police station again and money was demanded again openly. Knowing where this all was headed the man refused to give money and recorded a video of what was happening. He released the video to media and even the cops came under the net. A molestation and a criminal intimidation case were still registered against the man, and he had to go to the High Court to obtain bail.

The boys

While his case continued, this woman kept at her extortion bids. A few days ago Gurgaon Police arrested her for looting another man threatening him with false cases. Her pictures were posted on the Gurgaon Police Facebook page and a detailed list of her frivolous cases and modus operandi to extort men.

So where is the girl now? If you thought in jail you are wrong. The cases filed against her have been disposed or compromised, and she is back to her business!!!! She was in Gurgaon Court yesterday smiling at this man who she falsely implicated earlier and extorted 1.2 lacs from. While he continues to roam around courts with the case on him…. she perhaps might be roaming around finding her next Bakra.

While this is happening, media is debating how women are beating up men on roads because they have had enough of these men who eve-tease and molest and hence it is all okay to teach them a lesson. And if someone starts teaching lessons to such women, the next media debate on MISOGYNY AND PUBLIC harassment of women would occur.


  1. Nirbhay says

    Koi comments nahin aaenge mere dost, when its a girl people are mum like its paap in this country to point finger at a woman and it is understood that a man would be punished for a crime he has not committed without any investigation , thanks for this effort ….

  2. Radha Sandhu says

    I am a woman and I think this bitch should be beaten up and thrown in jail. The government needs to come up with severe punishments for false cases. As long as there are not charged for filing false cases, this will never end.

    • Karan Khanna says

      Thanks for the support Radha. I guess you must be a part of that very small minority of women who demand punishment for false cases. We appreciate your concern.

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