Stepmom Kills 5-year-old Son – Father Predicted He Was Not Safe With Her

In one outrageous incident, a Denver boy; Kenny Kreuscher was shot dead by his mother in Montana while he was in sleep before taking her own life.


Father claims that he had been trying since months to convince Denver County child welfare workers that the woman he was once married to was paranoid and his son was not safe in her custody. He continued by saying that she had been avoiding her medical treatment and was off medications for some time.


It’s certainly quite an unfortunate incident for a father who was continuously fighting for his full guardianship. The little kid, Kenny Kreuscher would have turned 6 coming Sunday.


Authorities called this a mother-suicide. His mother, 41, Sara Atkinson killed herself just after shooting his son with a .22 rifle. His father, Ken Kreuscher said this was the main reason for their separation as she had turned more restless, believing there were cameras and bombs in the home.


“She had threatened to do it before,” Kreuscher said. “She said, ‘I’m going to kill myself. I’m going to take him with me.’


He said that his son would have been alive if the Denver officials would have taken his concerns and allegations seriously. They could have saved a life if acted responsibly.


Kreuscher showed a long paper series of evidence to support claims, which clearly stated that the boy’s mother was becoming increasingly dangerous and unsafe to live with, and Denver Child Protection Services failed to protect Kenny.


He also revealed that his son has told him about some previous attacks where his mother had punched him hard on his face. In fact the court had some evidence of her erratic behaviour but they didn’t take any action regarding the same. The court’s inability took a life of a child.


Citing privacy laws, Denver County child welfare officials didn’t talk about the details of the case.



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