Strong Early Voting In Key States Going Good For Democrats, Gives Respite To Clinton Supporters

Hillary Clinton opened up with a lead over Republican rival Donald Trump in a number of battleground states and among important demographic locations based on an analysis of the millions of votes already cast both at polling places.



This slight edge over Trump is certainly a sigh of relief for Clinton owing to the controversy of Fresh FBI investigation of the alleged emails practice of Clinton when she was the former secretary of state. According to the sources, at least 21 million have cast their votes in the US, including in the states which are likely to determine the results of the election. Registered Democrats are surpassing Republicans in some key areas like Nevada, Colorado, and Florida.,


Democrats have a 31,000-vote lead over Republicans; this early vote lead is something very similar to the one Democrat had in 2012, when President Barack Obama won the state by a nearly 7-point margin over Republican nominee Mitt Romney according to Jon Ralston, a longtime Nevada reporter and the dean of the state’s press corps.

Moreover, According to the poll,  Mr. Trump may have had an advantage in the Midwestern battlegrounds of Ohio and Iowa.


Michael McDonald, head of the United States Elections Project and also a professor at Univeristy of Florida said, “Clinton has opened up a national lead in the polling, and there are some states that have been following that lead in the state polling. We can also see similar patterns of movement in the early vote as well.” He is one of the top experts on early voting.


And if Clinton wins Nevada, Donald Trump will certainly pave the way for a standard defeat.

If Clinton wins this state, she can still win the Presidency while losing out  Florida, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia —only after assuming that she holds on in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Virginia.



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