16-year-old Boy Brutally Thrashed And Sexually Exploited by a Gang of Hooligans

A 16-year-old boy was stripped naked and brutally beaten up by a gang of boys in Delhi’s Southwest Inderpuri area on Monday. It is also believed that the gang of four boys subjected the boy to unnatural sex.   The incident happened on Monday but was officially reported on Wednesday after which the police have […]

11-Year Old Boy Raped And Killed In Pakistan


A Pakistani Hindu boy has been raped and murdered in Pakistan’s Sindh Province.   Chetan Kumar, father of the 11-year-old boy said that his son was found dead in a swimming pool inside Hyderabad Club on April 13. He also claimed that his son was intentionally thrown into the pool to cover up sexual abuse […]

A Man Was Attacked With Acid Whose Only Fault Was That He Tried To Help A Girl Forced Into An Abusive Marriage


Crime has no specific gender and it’s proven with this story where a good samaritan trying to help a girl who was forced into an abusive marriage was marred for life after the girl’s family poured acid on him for interfering into the matter. An Acid attack can be the most gruesome act done on […]

Teenage girl rapes six-year boy


A 16-year-old Mandunyane teenager is set to face a jail term after she allegedly raped a six-year-old boy in Tonota in 2014. The accused who has now turned 19 pleaded not guilty to the charge moreover she will be representing herself for the case in the court.   The families of both were in good […]

5-Year-Old boy Succumb To Injuries After His Mother Had Beaten Him For 24 Hours


A 26-year-old mother along with her friend has been charged with murder after one of the two boys they had beaten for 22 hours continuously at a motel in Ohio succumb to his injuries in the hospital during treatment. According to The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reports police said that the 5-year-old was bound for 22 hours […]