New York Woman Whose Testimony At Age 9 Jailed Father For rape Now Says She Lied All Years


16 years ago, a New York man was jailed for raping his 9-year-old daughter but the victim has now publicly come forward confessing that she lied all the years and falsely accused his dad.   24-year-old Chaneya Kelly now says the stories she told about her father were all fake but all the stories and […]

22-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Killed By Her Mother In Name of ‘Honour’


Pakistan has been in the news lately for its heart-wrenching ‘Honour-killing’ incidents and with this case, it seems like there is no end to the gruesome acts of murdering loved ones in the name of honor.   A mother slashed the throat of her 22-year-old pregnant daughter in Pakistan’s Punjab province.   A police official […]

Mother Of Five Sentenced To 35 Years in Prison For Killing Her 2-Month-Old Daughter

Kelsey Skinner_1455656156184_294635_ver1.0

23-year-old Kelsy Newell-Skinner, a mother of five has been sentenced to 35 years in prison on the charges of killing her fifth child, Natalee Skinner in July 2014.   2-month-old Natalee was shaken all over and thrown against the wall myriad times. Newell-Skinner has admitted being in an inebriated condition when she murdered her daughter. […]

Mother Jailed For Seven Years For Poisoning Her Baby’s Milk with Tramadol


A Mother of eight showed no signs of compassion towards her infant daughter who she reportedly gave Milk laden with Tramadol drug. She has been proven guilty by the court and sentenced to seven-year-jail.   31-year-old Rose Jones gave her one-year-old high doses of a powerful painkiller expressed in her breast milk. She also tried […]

Mother Drowned Her 7-Year-Old Daughter In Front Of Her Son ‘as punishment’

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A 27-year-old mother was convicted for deliberately drowning her daughter in a swimming pool in front of her son as a punishment. Amanda made all efforts to make it look like a tragic accident and for a long time, people assumed seven-year-old Adrianna Hutto had died falling into a pool at the family home in […]