Clinton Campaign Headquarters Evacuated After White Powder Found In An Envelope


Hilary Clinton campaign headquarters in New York was evacuated after a white powder was found in an envelope, police sources informed the media. The suspicious material was discovered when two interns opened an envelope that was delivered to the presidential nominee’s office in Manhattan. The interns then brought it to the Clinton Campaign’s headquarters in Brooklyn, said […]

Al Smith Charity Dinner Crowd Shower Boos on Donald Trump


After three categorically nasty presidential debates, Al Smith Charity dinner served as a comedic episode where Trump’s Self- roasting garnered him many boos.     The booing began when he said, “Hillary is so corrupt…” And then it got much worse from there. It’s appealing to say that Donald Trump’s speech at the Al Smith on Thursday […]

Idaho Statesman Endorses Hillary Clinton


The Idaho Statesman on Thursday officially endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president. “We recognize a lot of you are not going to like our choice of a Democrat in this Republican state — where Sen. Ted Cruz won the GOP primary in a landslide and where Sen. Bernie Sanders soundly defeated Clinton in the Democratic […]

Watch: Bill Maher Endorses Bernie Sanders With A Big ‘F**k Yeah!’

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Bill Maher did not mince words in defending Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy during a segment of Real Time with Bill Maher. While all the leftists at the table unanimously backed Sanders’ foreign policy, some were a bit skeptical about him citing his inexperience regarding the foreign issues. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner asked Bill Maher if he […]