Horrific Teen Mom taken into custody after video with her distraught son goes viral

Lauren Brooke Englett, an 18 year old  teen mom from Alabama was arrested after the video went viral that featured herself being high on synthetic marijuana as her toddler stood crying nearby. The boy is now placed under foster care while the two other people who were with Englett, the person seen in the video and the one recording the video also face charges of reckless endangerment.

Lori Myles who is responsible for the community and public affairs for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said, “What’s disturbing is a mother using the drugs, ignoring the child, a child walking around on a balcony”. She added that the other 2 people were barely conscious, and the child’s life could have been in danger. While the video went to the notice of County District Attorney’s Office last December, the toddler was placed in the care of Englett’s mother. But after the video went viral last week, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office initiated its own investigation and found that Englett was living with her mother and placed the child under foster care.

The Horrific Mother

The Horrific Mother. Photo Courtesy: NBC news

Being questioned about the DHR not reporting the law enforcement department, Myles answered that, it is responsibility of DHR to ensure safety of the child, and they removed the toddler and placed him in care of his grandmother. She added, “I think they will be best to answer this.”

On the same question, a spokesperson from DHR said that law enforcement is notified when usage of drug is found at home. But were unable to agree or deny, if the action was taken in this case, because they are not supposed to comment on the cases that are on the go.

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