Teenage girl rapes six-year boy

A 16-year-old Mandunyane teenager is set to face a jail term after she allegedly raped a six-year-old boy in Tonota in 2014. The accused who has now turned 19 pleaded not guilty to the charge moreover she will be representing herself for the case in the court.



The families of both were in good terms but it all happened when the child’s parents had allegedly left their 10-year-old with their ‘good’ neighbour for taking care of the child but it was only her who was at home. Parents went to the other part of the city for some work for extra errands and left him with her alone with all trust.


Sub-inspector Kenneth Edward who was acting for the prosecutor, Boikhutso Dintwa, told Chief Magistrate Gaedupe Makgatho that investigations in the matter are complete and the state will call four witnesses adding that they do not object to the bail of the accused to be extended.


She reportedly raped him when no one was around in her house premises, as she couldn’t control her sexual libido.  After his parents arrived, the child told their parents about the abuse all crying and shattered. Police was called at the moment and she was taken in custody.


19-year-old Wazha Nthoiwa has been under in the criminal records before too as she had appeared in a court to face dagga (Drugs) related charges when she was 16. She along with his four accomplice were caught after a possession of 62.0256 kilogrammes Dagga at Minestone location was found on May 13, 2014. To escape the police, they all burned the dagga in the exhibit room to remove the evidence.


Last year, Nthoiwa and four others appeared in court for allegedly setting fire to an exhibit room at the Northern Division Headquarters, in the process burning dagga that was inside the exhibit room.




  1. op agrawal says

    (1) More and more freedom (to speak + see+ eat+ drinK +wear + fun)+ the law that women are always the victims = more and more news of this type.

  2. Jake says

    Not a surprise that I don’t see nearly anyone to voice their sadness over this issue here as they would have, if the genders were switched!

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