Teenage sisters accused of kidnapping toddler with intent to commit sexual offence

Two Sisters aged 13 and 14 have appeared in the court on the charges of abducting a toddler from Primark store in Newcastle’s busy Northumberland Street. They kidnaped the toddler in an urge to commit sexual crime.


They have also been charged of shoplifting dummies, baby milk and a bottle. The toddler aged 2 was unknown to them and a large search hunt was on for the toddler as soon as he was kidnapped on Wednesday afternoon.


She was found after one-hour 45 minutes search around three miles away in Gosforth Central Park in north Newcastle. The girls were caught after the alarms were raised in the shop and officers hunted through CCTV from the council, shops, Newcastle University, bus companies, the Metro and their own cameras.
The girls appeared before South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court, sitting as a youth court, for a hearing that lasted over half an hour.


Before committing the crime, they allegedly stole dummies from Boots and a baby bottle and milk from Sainsbury’s. Police also said that their online search history included sexual matter. They searched for  ‘poor little thing getting kidnapped and raped ‘ and ‘African woman sexual activity’.


It is believed that they wanted to commit sexual crime with a black child and the police have all the evidence regarding the same.
One Sainsbury’s employee said the girls were seen in the supermarket and then were tracked to one of two play areas in the park.
The teenagers were arrested in Gosforth Central Park. They will appear before North Tyneside Youth Court on May 13.


They are both charged with kidnap “with the intention of committing a relevant sexual offence” contrary to the Sexual Offences Act of 2003.
The girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were only attended by two social workers and no family members were present in court during the trial.



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