Teenage Using Snapchat Speed Filter While Driving Sued, After Crash Left Victim Brain Damage


An 18-year-old teenager has been sued after allegedly using snapchat speed filter while driving before a tragic crash happened that left the other motorist with serious brain damage.



Christal McGee wanted to see how fast she could drive and share the speed on Snapchat. When the image is sent out to followers with thi filter, it tells everyone of how fast the user was moving or driving at the time the image was taken.


McGee was driving her father’s Mercedes C230 in suburban Atlanta around 11 p.m. ET on September 10, 2015. Her co-workers were in the car with her when the accident happened.


According to the lawsuit, Uber driver Wentworth Maynard’s car was struck by McGee’s car, which was traveling at 107 mph.


A statement from Maynard’s lawyers said he suffered serious brain damage and spent five weeks in intensive care. He needs assistance to walk and is unable to work. Maynard’s lawyers are not only filing a lawsuit against McGee for negligence. They’re also suing Snapchat.

The lawsuit alleges that Snapchat knew that people were using its filter while driving. In one case, said the lawyers, someone drove at 142 mph and posted on his snapchat account. Maynard’s lawyers want McGee and Snapchat to pay their client’s medical bills and the lifelong care that he now requires.


“Snapchat has an obligation under the law not to place dangerous items into the stream of commerce, and they have a responsibility to act reasonably to take steps to eliminate risks associated with their products,” one of the lawyers, Michael Terry, said.


The obsession over social media updates was such that After the crash, McGee allegedly continued to Snapchat her injuries, and wrote “lucky to be alive.”


No official statement has been made but Snapchat’s Spokeperson said, “No Snap is more important than someone’s safety. We actively discourage our community from using the speed filter while driving, including by displaying a ‘Do NOT Snap and Drive’ warning message in the app itself.



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