Texas Woman Shot Down Two Daughter In Family Dispute

A woman in Texas shot down her two teenage daughters, which killing the elder one on the spot. Later, when she refused to put down the weapon, she was also killed by a responding police officer.



42-year-old, Christy Sheats shot daughters Taylor, 22, and Madison, 17, on Friday in Fulshear, west of Houston, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. According to the police, the daughters were found on the street with gunshot wounds. The older daughter died at the scene; the younger one at a hospital.



Hearing the loud sound of the gun, someone from the neighborhood called 911. And after the police reached the spot, one police officer shot the mother when she refused to put down her weapon, the sheriff’s office said.


It is believed that it was their father’s birthday and some bitter arguments took place among the family and that family spat started inside the couple’s Houston-area home but later eddied into gun violence that spattered out onto their street.


The motive behind the shooting, which began inside the family home Friday is uncleared and the case is still under investigation and police are looking into all possible angles.

Paramedics took the woman’s husband, Jason Sheats, away but he was not injured.

“It was a family argument that turned into a shooting,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said.

“But we’re still trying to put the pieces together,” Nehls was quoted as saying by the Houston Chronicle.

According to the eyewitness, the young women were already wounded. The neighbour said Taylor collapsed on the street and he saw Christy come outside with a gun and then go back inside to reload. When she emerged again, she shot Madison in the back, according to the eyewitness.


Nehls said that they have gone to their houses in past for more answers but he was quoted saying that it would be too premature to give an exact motive to this crime as why something like this took place



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